A Guide to '2666' by Roberto BolañoEdit

This is a collaborative readers' guide to '2666' by Roberto Bolaño. All page numbers are based on the 2009 Picador paperback edition, in Natasha Wimmer's translation.

If you have not read '2666' before, please know that this guide is full of notes connecting parts of the novel to other parts and other texts. You might consider these "spoilers". Nothing can really spoil the experience of reading this book for the first time, but it's up to you, of course.


  1. The Part About the Critics. (pg 1-159)
  2. The Part About Amalfitano. (pg 161-228)
  3. The Part About Fate. (pg 229-349)
  4. The Part About the Crimes. (pg 351-633)
  5. The Part About Archimboldi. (pg 637-893)


Annotated Bibliography of Benno von Archimboldi's Writings

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